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A selected highly expert  group of consultants and specialists operate this section ,we have the most advanced Laser machines like Gentle Lase,Gentle Yag , Spectra laser ,Fractional laser and Thermage to perform laser hair removal,remove the Acne marks,remove skin stretch marks which is happed because of pregnancy&obesity,also removing Tatoo, removing hyper pigmentation ,removing navi,removing melasama.skin peeling, skin rejuvenation,face &abdomen skin tideness&firming without surgery and also all cases of leg Telangactasia(simple varicose veins of the leg) 

Plastic Surgery

This section operates under supervision of excellent expert consultants with their own talent for plastic surgery .The plastic surgery maneuvers :

Laser lipolysis&Lipo suction with Viser 2 which is the most highly advanced set in all over the world.

Laser lipolysis&Lipo suction with skin tideness in the same time with Accusculpt set.

Hair transplantation with highly advanced technology in the world.

Breast Augmentation and breast reduction.


Nose plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty, performing different Filler injections& correction of  all birth deformities. 


We provide our dental center with highly advanced specialized sets in addition of our experienced medical staff .

Dental center include the following services;

Teeth implantation, Maxillo-facial surgery,ortho-dontics,Crown&Bridges,Filling,Gum treatment,Pedio-dontics an teeth bleeching&whitening.


Also we have an electronic anesthesia set –STA- to give ansthesia without any pain,in addition to highly equipped dental lab.


A selected highly expert Prof. from King Saud medicine university supervise this section to be updated with all the newest discoveries of the E.N.T medicine.

We also perform Cochlear transplantation to help deaf to hear beside the following services:

Diagnose and treat Eat,Nose and Larynx  diseases.

Treat dizziness and Vertigo.

Endoscopic surgery for the nose and nasal sinuses.

Salivary glands and thyroid glands surgery.

Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and correction of deviated nasal septum.


Ear surgery and ear and nose plastic surgery like Rhinoplasty.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Our Ob/Gyn section  give a great attention to the woman and  a very special care to the pregnant woman and her baby since early pregnancy passing all stages of baby development  with using of ultrasound double and quadrant scan (2D & 4 D) till giving birth either normal delivery or Caesarian  section in classy Riyadh hospitals.

Also we provide all the diagnostic& curative measures for all cases of primary infertility and all cases of repeated abortion.


In addition to after delivery female plastic surgery.

GP Clinic

In our center children get a very big care since birth till the age of puberty through our selected services:

-Routine check up for the new born baby to follow up physical&mental growth and monitor all spiritual &moving development  .

-Follow up child food schedule based on scientific bases.

-Diagnose and treat children Bronchial asthma.

-Diagnose of congenital heart disease.

- Diagnose and treat anemia.

Our General medicine clinic provides its services  through specialized highly educated medical staffs to easy diagnose&treat  the common illness and chronic diseases.


Also the clinic receives patients with Diabetes Mellitus,Hypertension,Anemia,general exhaustion&fatigue,Bronchial asthma,urinay tract&genital  problems,Rheumatoid diseases and Immune diseases like Systemic Lupus.   


The latest medical ray machines, 4D ray machines.